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Fuel cell technological innovation system in Iran

This article provides an overview of innovation processes have been taken in the field of fuel cell technology (FCT) in Iran. Fuel cell technology is a generic technology with wide variety areas of application in automobile and energy production both for industrial and residential purposes and also it is expected to have a large societal impact on the future society. In this article concerning decision criteria such as the role of cooperating actors at national level and their interactions, an innovation survey has been drawn on the basis of national innovation system (NIS) approach. In this regard, in addition to monitoring the activities in development of FCT, we have explored–related technological innovations in this field. These innovation surveys try to deal with two challenges. Firstly, what characterised FC technology innovation in Iran? And secondly, how can numerous actors be maintained and duplication avoided in an NIS? Finally, our concluding remarks of the innovation surveys are analysing and mapping the role of government, industry, academia and their interactions beside some suggestions for modifying Iranian FC system of innovation.

Keywords: technological innovation, fuel cells, national innovation system, NIS, Iran

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