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Fuel oil contamination in surrounding soils


Courtesy of Terra Systems, Inc. (TSI)

LOCATION:  Batavia, New York
PROJECT DATE:  September, 1992 to December, 1993
CLIENT:  Woodward-Clyde Consultants

BACKGROUND: When two 15,000 gallon underground storage tanks were removed from a former manufacturing facility site, #2 and #4 fuel oil contamination was found in the surrounding soils. Approximately 1,600 cubic yards of soil with total petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations of 3,100 parts per million (ppm) were determined to require treatment or disposal.

ACTION TAKEN: An ex-situ bioremediation treatment system was designed and installed to treat the 1,600 cubic yards of contaminated soil. The contaminated soil was placed in the treatment cell in a 12 inch lift. Custom blended nutrients were added to the contaminated soil and oxygen was introduced by rototilling on a periodic basis.

EFFECTIVENESS: Closure is anticipated to be approved in December, 1993.

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