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Fuel saving technology continues to cut automotive manufacturing


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Maxsys Ltd, the Walsall-based provider of the Fuel+ System is poised to further boost carbon reduction figures in the automotive industry, offering a guaranteed energy saving (on gas and oil) of at least 5% - a figure that translates into a significant benefit for large energy consumers in the sector.

Emissions for vehicle production have reduced significantly since 2001, decreasing from 1.3 tonnes of C02 produced per vehicle, to 0.6 tonnes in 2005.

C02 tonnes per £1m turnover have lowered significantly – from 95.3 in 2000, to 36 in 2005. However, the industry as a whole still produced 1,417,129 tonnes of C02 in 2005 – solely during the manufacturing process – a number that urgently needs to be reduced in line with government targets to reduce UK emissions 20% by 2020.

These figures from The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show that energy use and C02 emissions have more than halved per vehicle manufactured, in the last four years but the industry still has a long way to go to meet emission targets.

As part of an ongoing energy efficiency initiative, the Ford Motor Company has taken the lead in the automotive industry by choosing the Maxsys Fuel+ System to lower its fuel bills.

At Ford’s Dunton Technical Centre, Fuel+ Systems have been fitted to the gas fired boiler plant resulting in a 5.1% reduction in energy bills.

The Fuel+™ magnetic fuel treatment system pre-treats gas and oil prior to combustion achieving increased fuel efficiency, a cleaner burn and a lower carbon output. This innovative technology offers customers zero commercial risk due to the money-back guaranteed energy saving of at least 5% which translates into a significant benefit for large energy consumers.

Maxsys Managing Director Barry Singh believes that the impact of increased energy prices, along with tighter emission controls, means that the automotive industry now needs to take further measures to improve their energy efficiency. “Ford worked with Maxsys because they wanted a significant reduction in their plant emissions and gas costs. Achieving more than 5% reduction in energy costs for the boilers is a substantial figure for any large automotive manufacturer. The opportunity to achieve such impressive savings is impossible to ignore and we anticipate that many others within the automotive industry will follow suit in the application of the Fuel+ System.”

The Fuel+ system has been adopted into a wide range of industries including food and drink, brewing, chemicals, dairy, NHS, food, insulation, minerals, metals, packaging, pharmaceuticals, plastics, paper, steel rubber and textiles.

With no moving parts or electrical supply required, the Fuel+™ magnetic fuel treatment system is an extremely low maintenance and highly reliable investment. Energy consumption is monitored by world renowned energy consultants ABB both before and after installation, so that the Maxsys guaranteed saving of at least 5% can be verified independently. If the 5% saving is not achieved Maxsys will return the plant to its original configuration and provide a full repayment. This has never been necessary as all projects provide savings in excess of those quoted to the customers.
The Fuel+ system is now in use in a wide range of industries with customers such as Ford Motor Group, General Motors, Albemarle, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Toray, the NHS, D S Smith Packaging, Dow Chemicals, Servosteel, Georgia Pacific, Mondi, Imerys, International Paper, Rockwool, Linpac, Lundbeck, Elementis, Scott, Bader, Nalco, Dow, Hanson, Lucite, Clariant, Warwick International, Arjo Wiggins and Michelin,.

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