Full factory automation


Courtesy of Spire Solar

Spire Corporation is a global solar company and the leading supplier of turnkey solar factories and equipment to manufacture photovoltaic modules worldwide. With over 40 years and $100 million in R+D and PV, Spire’s unique experience and technical depth puts Spire in a unique position to ensure the success of our customers. Applying expertise in materials technologies across all product lines, Spire has a rich heritage of utilizing science and research to develop leading edge products that generate renewable energy and deliver advanced solutions to businesses worldwide.

Spire’s comprehensive approach gets you in the PV market including: state of the art equipment, embedded process knowledge, critical supply guarantees, workforce training, facility planning and layout, factory automation, module design services, and module certification assistance. Spire’s factories and equipment address crystalline cells and modules, back end thin film and CPV solar cell foundry services.

A fully-automated solar module production line is one in which manual labor is reduced to a minimum in order to complete the production of a solar module/panel. To do this, Spire Corporation utilizes extensive robotic systems for material handling and processing.

There is minimal human interaction needed for inspection; however, the modules themselves are only handled by robots. This reduces the risk of mishandling the solar modules. By integrating an automation system including robots thus reducing manual labor, the production process is more efficient because it removes the human interaction which, in turn, provides the company with a quicker way to produce solar modules.

Martifer Solar, part of the Energy Systems division of Martifer Group, is a large scale construction company and solar parks supplier, manufacturing its own modules, cells and wafers. Currently, Spire provides Martifer Solar with a fully automated module manufacturing line capable of producing up to 50MW of modules and will expand to a 100MW fully-automated line in the future. In the words of the CFO, Jorge Martins, of the Martifer group, “This is our first step in solar modules manufacturing and with this investment and others to follow…we expect will be a key player in the turnkey solar park market in Southern Europe and the United States. We believe that by selecting Spire Corporation as our supplier, we have guaranteed access to the best manufacturing technology available today.”

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