Gas-Fired Electric Generating Station


Critical Issue
ERMC worked with an electric power generating utility – in this case, with a gas fired electric generating station. The facility employs approximately 150 individuals. This site required an update and audit of their Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and additional practical training to test the ERP.

As part of our work, ERMC audited and updated the facility Emergency Response Plan (ERP). This update ensured compliance with corporate standards but was customized to reflect the management and response resources available at this specific site. We also established liaison with community emergency services to integrate their response protocols and capabilities into the facility ERP.

Once the planning work was complete, we worked with the facility and conducted a major Full Scale Exercise (FSX) involving the plant station, municipality and other key stakeholders. This FSX reinforced the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) function, and also allowed for practice of the Incident Command System (ICS) in managing an emergency.

Outcome/Return on Investment (ROI)
Subsequent to the work that ERMC conducted, the plant did experience an explosion and resultant fire. The emergency response obviously resulted in the engagement and integration with municipal emergency services. The end result was that together, they handled the event well with minimal repercussions.

The most critical measure for us was that the plant operations manager said after event, “I don’t think that we could have handled this as well as we did without the work that ERMC has done with us over the years.”

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