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Parking lots are associated with cars because that is where they are parked. You never really think of lights at a parking lot until you have to pick your car from there at night. After such an incidence you will realize that it goes with the territory and is a necessary requirement. How does one select parking lot lights for installation?


The idea of having lights at a parking lot is to illuminate the area so that people can find their way around it. It therefore goes without saying that the lights chosen have to be bright enough to light up the area without giving off a blinding glare that will interfere with vision.


Lighting up a parking lot is beneficial to those using the parking lot but it may affect other places surrounding it. Parking lot lights are on the outside so they may cause light pollution if they are not checked. It is best to have some form of shielding and making sure they face downwards will reduce the amount of light that is unnecessarily released to the night sky. Too much light going into the night sky increases sky glow which affects astronomers because they have a difficult time seeing stars and other celestial bodies.   

Wind resistance

These lights will be constantly exposed to winds of different kinds and strengths. The poles have to be strong enough to get through the rough winds if there will be any without having to be replaced.

Long lasting

Parking lots are built to last a very long time. The lights that are installed in a parking lot should also have the same quality. Parking lot lights that last long will reduce the cost of maintenance and the work involved with maintenance.


Efficiency is about using minimum resources to produce the maximum possible results. An efficient light would therefore use a minimal amount of energy but produce a lot of quality light. This property can currently be found in LED fixtures. They also produce light that is easily visible to the human eye thus improving vision in LED lighting. 

Energy source

Outdoor lighting is very tricky to run. Considering that they will probably be on the whole night parking lot lights can easily use quite a lot of energy thus running bills high. An alternative like solar would have the lights charging during the day and then discharging as they light up at night. This reduces the costs drastically because there will be no more power bills after installation.

Installation method

Lights that are powered from the main grid will require that trenches be dug to lay down all the cables required. This will cause a lot of losses if the parking lot has already been constructed. Solar parking lot lights only need minimal digging since no cables are required. They can be placed even if the parking lot is complete.

Choosing the perfect light for your parking lot is dependent on a number of factors but once the choice is made you get to enjoy the benefits.

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