Global Pharmaceutical Company Achieves Energy Savings With Gem

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Courtesy of Thermal Energy International Inc.

A leading global healthcare company dealing with bioscience, medication delivery and renal products has revealed that it is saving over £36,000 a year in energy costs following the installation of Thermal Energy International’s GEM steam traps at one of its facilities.  Thermal Energy International has installed a total of 85 steam traps throughout the process plant achieving a 20% energy saving in just 18 months.

Having successfully installed GEM Venturi steam traps at another of its European sites, the company asked Thermal Energy International to conduct a survey of its mechanical traps, which were regularly failing open, partly open and closed. 

The report from Thermal Energy International showed that approximately 20% of the steamtraps on the site were failing open resulting in 7,568 of tonnes of steam being lost each year at a cost of £36,000.  Not only was this increasing energy and maintenance costs, but it was also reducing production time and having an environmental impact by creating 1,067 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. 

Thermal Energy International explained that by replacing the existing traps with the GEM venturi orifice design, blocked steam traps could be prevented from impacting on production, and by efficiently returning condensate back to the boilers energy savings would be achieved. During the following 12-months all 85 mechanical traps were replaced with appropriately sized GEM steam traps.

Instead of utilising a valve mechanism to close off steam for maximum energy and water conservation, the highly efficient GEM steam traps use the venturi orifice design to effectively drain condensate from the steam system. As the GEM steam traps have no moving parts to wedge open or fail, it provides the ultimate in reliability necessitating only minimal maintenance and requiring no spares, testing or monitoring equipment.   

Available in a wide range of sizes for a full cross section of applications, the hardwearing GEM steam traps are manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel and are guaranteed for 10 years, obviating the need for repair or replacement.  The GEM steam traps provide a fast payback - on some processes within a matter of days - from reduced energy costs and increased equipment reliability due to a reduction in damaging condensate in steam systems.  In addition it improves product processing by enhancing the quality of steam and also reduces equipment repairs, downtime and replacement costs. 

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