Go Solar Successfully With These Tips

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Installing solar systems in residential areas on a domestic level is a common sight nowadays. All solar power generation units basically work by converting sunlight in to electricity using photovoltaic cells. Over time, there have been considerable leaps in the technology levels of this invention. This environment free power source with minimal maintenance or everyday cost is now being rapidly incorporated in to the mainstream lifestyle of millions of consumers. However, before potentially considering an investment in to this expensive technology to be installed on your home’s roof it is important to address certain issues and consider a number of factors regarding going solar.

The most important aspect of getting a solar system is to protect oneself against all probable risks regarding weak rooftops, natural calamities, insurance and follow ups after installation. Solar panels generally carry an insurance of up to 25-30 years depending upon the brand with free replacement or repair of any damages during this time period. Therefore, it is vital to have a strong enough house roof in order to successfully withstand the weight of such a long term investment against any likely wind, rain or snow storm.

 In addition to that a follow up of several years is also provided in form of highly trained professionals to regularly check the working of your solar system. However, against the common misconception, having a south facing roof area is not an imperative prerequisite of solar installation. In contrast, placing the panels in other directions would produce nearly the same amount of electric current as well. In addition, this system requires nearly nonexistent maintenance issues. 

Such that the only thing that the owner is expected to do is to keep the panels clean from dust or debris by washing them a few times within a year. Moreover, apart from savings in cost due to reduced electric bills. Another option to cut back on energy expenditure is to supply the electricity grid with any excess energy produced during the day which can then be substituted for the energy provided by the local grids on a subsidized rate throughout the dark time of night. This would further aid in cutting down the financial burden to some extent.

Finally it is vital to carry out a market survey of at least 2-3 solar companies and rate them in accordance to their reputation, pricing and work quality before committing to a reliable installation. Be sure to maximize energy conservation through all aspects and gain maximum knowledge regarding the adoption a solar lifestyle in order to get the best returns on your investments.

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Greenshine New Energy, LLC. Specializes in developing and manufacturing customized solar lighting systems for a wide range of lighting applications. At Greenshine we specialize in solar street lights, garden lights, and lawn lights for outdoor applications. Our lights can be installed anywhere, especially areas where grid tied electricity is not available.

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