Going green means saving the green for Midwestern contractor


Courtesy of Emissions Technology, Inc. (ETI)

Fred Weber Inc., a major highway contractor and aggregate producer located in greater St. Louis, has gone 'green' protecting both the environment and the company pocketbook by beginning to install Combustion Catalyst Systems (CCS) on its fleet of diesel equipment. While the system is designed to reduce pollutants emitted by diesel engines, the
company got an even bigger surprise. 'At first we were a little skeptical,' says Ed Moss, maintenance manager for the construction firm. 'We tested the device on an engine loading limestone at one of our mines, and it showed a reduction in particulates of 50 percent. What was just as impressive was that it also showed an average fleet-wide fuel savings of 15 percent. And, when our mechanics dismantled the engine, which had run for 7,000 hours, the internal parts looked brand new.' 'Fuel savings, while extending the life of the engine, is not a rocket science proposition,' Moss said. 'After 7,000 hours of run time and saving three gallons per hour is 21,000 gallons of fuel in just one engine.' He said he believes that the usable life for the engine can be extended by about 5,000 hours or two years.

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