Green Futures Rely on Strong Magnets

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When lodestone was first discovered before the 1800s people were amazed at this rock that got attracted to itself. They noticed that it pointed to a specific direction every time it was suspended freely or was placed on water. This led to its use in the first compass to give sailors direction as they went for expeditions at sea.

Further investigations led to the production of stronger magnets with time. These have been used in many different applications over the years and currently play a big role in industries, household appliances and even electromagnetic devices.

Research into the abilities of magnets led to the discovery that a magnetic force could be placed under certain conditions and electrical power would result. The reverse is also possible with electrical energy being converted to magnetic energy. This discovery is what runs items like power generators and electric motors.

Powerful magnet

A certain type of magnet, known as a neodymium magnet, is very strong. This is because it is made from a rare earth element which already possesses magnetic qualities below a certain temperature. Further magnetization of this metal results in a very powerful magnet. This makes it the strongest permanent magnet currently available on earth.

This magnet is light in weight and brittle and as such its size is not comparable to its strength. This makes it very useful for use in functions that require very strong magnetic forces without the extra weight. Such functions are usually in industrial settings.

The price of these magnets is however very high because as its classification name suggests, it is rare and hard to come by. This puts it out of reach for many other industries and technologies that may require magnets with such properties in large quantities.

Affordable and lightweight

Green technologies usually require very powerful but lightweight magnets for them to function effectively. Examples of such technologies are electric powered vehicles and wind turbines. These require light weight additions since every added pound reduces its efficiency by a large margin.

These and more new inventions rely on these magnets and their high price limits the production and accessibility of these technologies. An increase in magnet prices translates to increased prices of these technologies. This makes the idea of producing these items for the mass market very difficult but this would make the green revolution a success.

The future of the world lies in green energy and green technologies since there is already so much pollution. For a cleaner and better environment, a change in the global warming trends, more reliable rainfall and more reliable food production, there is a need to reduce the carbon emissions. Without this the future looks very bleak from many perspectives. 

Research is still being carried out even as the need for stronger, lighter and more affordable magnets continues to increase. It is important that more secrets are unearthed about this wonder material as it will form the basis for very many future technologies that are yet to be invented.

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