Grid integration of renewables in Egypt


Courtesy of Renewables Academy AG (RENAC)

Integration of large Amounts of Renewable Electricity in the Egyptian Energy Grid - Capacity Building for Management and Engineer-Technical Level (Egypt-RE-Grid). The electricity sector of the Arab Republic of Egypt produces large amounts of electricity through thermal and hydroelectric power stations. Egypt has diminishing proven oil reserves and declining production. Natural gas production is expected to also decline after 2020. Whereas hydro power potential is used close to its limits, there are very large potentials of wind energy and enormous resources of solar energy. The quality of the wind and solar resources count among the best in the world.

With funds from the Federal German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, GTZ and InWent have commissioned the Renewables Academy (RENAC) to undertake a capacity building activity on the integration of renewable electricity into the Egyptian electricity supply system.

For this purpose a number of Egyptian power grid planners, operators and managers will be trained.

Objectives and methods

The project aims to support the efficient integration of renewable energy into the infrastructure of the Egyptian electricity grid for the future.

To achieve the maximum effectiveness the training shall provide a mixture of theory and practice exercises. The project will cover a range of issues designed to empower the participants to meet the challenges facing the Egyptian grid. In particular, the grid will have to be able to cope with high volumes of renewable energy in the form of wind energy, grid connected photovoltaic, concentrating solar power (CSP), decentralised cogeneration of biomass, sewage gas and landfill gas.

Target Groups

  • staff undertaking engineering and technical work
  • staff with management responsibilities in the Egyptian energy supply sector

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