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Harrogate Borough Council - Ground Source Heat Pump case study


Courtesy of Vortex Energy Saver

Customer: Harrogate Borough Council
Location: Copt Ewich
Heating System: Ground Source Heat Pump

Harrogate Borough Council installed 94 heat pumps in 2006 as a test project in a number of sites in Harrogate. Eight of these were fitted in a scheme at Copt Ewick. On one of these systems two Vortexs’ were fitted one on the ground loop and one on the primary circuit. The project is being monitored by both Harrogate Borough Council and The Energy Savings Trust.

The full result of the test will not be published until early 2010, however interim results have been provided to us by Harrogate Borough Council who have noted that the energy consumption on the unit fitted with Vortex is 29% less than that on a comparable house in the scheme fitted with a heat pump but without Vortex. It is projected that the annual cost of heating and hot water in the house fitted with Vortex will be less than £150 against a similar dwelling without Vortex of approximately £220.

We await the results of the monitoring by EST early in 2010 which will officially confirm the above findings.

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