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Heather glen country house hotel – renewable energy advice case study


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Heather Glen Country House Hotel in Cumbria was undertaking a major extension and alterations to the premises and sought advice from Envirolink Northwest on how to make energy improvements. Envirolink Northwest recommended a switch from LPG to a renewable biomass fuel, which was followed by assistance with an application for a local grant to help with the cost. The grant was awarded to the hotel and the new 56kW pellet fed biomass boiler was installed and operational by June 2010.

The Project
Heather Glen Country House Hotel in Ainstable, Cumbria has recently undertaken a major extension and alterations to the premises to provide anew function suite and kitchen which caters for up to 120 guests. As part of the alterations the owner wished to improve insulation and replace the existing heating and hot water system, which was provided by two 2,000 litre LPG tanks using approximately 12,000 litres of LPG per yea. Alternative energy sources were investigated, including ground source heat pumps and biomass heating. Envirolink Northwest was then invited to advise the company on the most suitable renewable energy system for the premises and what grant assistance might be available to help with the cost of the improvements.

HowEnvirolink Northwest helped
Envirolink Northwest considered all the renewable energy options available to the company and then recommended a biomass boiler to replace the existing LPG system. The local knowledge and contacts that Envirolink Northwest has developed meant they were able to signpost the client to a local grant funding provider, the Rural Development Plan for England (RDPE). and provide contacts for focal suppliers of biomass technology.

The benefits

  • £5,000 saving per yea on energy costs
  • 48 tonnes C02e savings per year and 500 tonnes CO2e savings over the lifetime of the system
  • £130,000 grant awarded by the RDPE Solway Border and Eden Action Group
  • Eight jobs created following the success of the project
  • Local Cumbrian installer Sustaburn was contracted to carry out the work.

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