High graded gasoline is effect of fuel cavitation

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Is that possible to receive mid octane gasoline by mixing of low octane gasoline, with high-octane?  It depends of the some factors such as the method of mixing and a gasoline proportion. Really, fuel with demanded octane number can be received by fuel cavitation of a high-octane grade with the low-octane. In practice a demanded proportion of gasoline of two brands for receiving the third calculate by the rule “diagonals”.

What it for the rule? A-76 gasoline by addition of the 98th can really be turned into A-95. But for definition of quantity added of 98th, at first it is necessary to lead value of octane number of different brands gasoline to uniform measuring system. So, the octane number of “seventy sixth” – 76 is measured by a motor method. This indicator for A-95 is equal to 85 units (95 – the octane number determined by a research method). A-98 gasoline on a motor method shows anti-detonation quality at the level of 89 by analysis.

The proportions scheme of mixing make as follows. In the center write octane number which is required to be received – in our case 85 (on a motor method). At the left above and below are placed octane numbers of low and high octane gasoline respectively. On a diagonal from each of them remove a difference of numbers received and high-octane gasoline (89 – 85 = 4), and also received and low-octane gasoline (85 – 76 = 9).

We receive number of volume units (tens liters, gallons, cans) which need to be mixed for receiving fuel with desirable octane number. In our case it is necessary to take 4 parts of the “seventy sixth” and 9 parts of “ninety eighth”. Actually added part is very small therefore the octane number of the received fuel (after the return recalculation) makes about 80, that is the indicator of gasoline detonation stability is too small. It is possible to make the similar diagonal scheme and for any other brands of fuel cavitation with different octane numbers. But only using of correct blending method it is possible to reach stability and quality of a mix.

The correct compounding and dosage of components will provide stability of dispersion. The GlobeCore Blending company is engaged in production of fuel cavitation systems. Basic purpose of these systems is the intensification of dispergating processes, homogenization and emulsification various liquids and suspensions, which in the final result the received product has resistance to a long uniform period of storage and is steady against stratification.

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