High performance biogas plants for organics waste diversion


Courtesy of Eisenmann

Wild fluctuations in prices for agricultural products and mushrooming prices for energy can greatly influence the economics of biogas plants. Long term reliable profitability calculations are becoming increasingly difficult.

Generally speaking, however, rising energy prices have a positive effect on the economics of well designed biogas projects. By selecting low cost feedstock, the profitability of biogas plants can be assured in the long run.

Biogas plants use anaerobic digestion, a process similar to that of a cow. The process starts with the crushing of the substrate. These substrates are inexpensive and normally discarded or composted. EISENMANN biogas plants reliably digest fi ber rich organic waste and are well suited for installation in front of an existing composting facility. The additional income from energy production and the reduction of odorous emissions are an important advantage for the operation of a composting plant.

Energy from Biomass

Generating energy from manure, industrial byproducts and energy-yielding crops is a worthwhile, environmentally benefi cial investment for many farmers, waste management companies and municipalities. Given increasingly higher levels of government support for clean “Renewable Energy”, the Return On Investment from your biogas plant is now better than ever.

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