Highland Tank 50,000 Gallon Oil/Water Separator installed at Con Ed Mott Haven Power Distribution Center

Before the Brooklyn Bridge spanned the East River, before the Statue of Liberty first graced New York Harbor, and before skyscrapers rose above New York City's streets, the utility companies that would eventually become Con Edison were already building the energy infrastructure needed to fuel and sustain the city's growth.

Today, Con Edison operates one of the largest and most complex — yet most reliable — electric power systems in the world. Con Edison delivers electricity to more than three million customers through the world's largest system of underground electric cables — some 91,000 miles — complemented by nearly 36,000 miles of overhead electric wires

Con Edison recognizes environmental stewardship, and maintaining the highest health and safety standards, as the cornerstone of everything they do. Con Edison's commitment to the environment, and to the safety and well being of its employees and the public, is exemplified by the recent installation of a Highland Tank high performance oil/water separator at the Mott Haven Power Distribution Center.

Utility sites generally pose a variety of environmental challenges in terms of water pollution. The Highland Tank model HTC-50,000 double walled oil/water separators was installed to assure that the facility complies with the EPA’s regulations for the proper treatment and discharge of contaminated storm water runoff in compliance with the facility’s NPDES permit and for oil spill containment to satisfy the facility’s SPCC rules.

The pre-engineered separator design incorporates a patented separator plate and impingement coalescers, plus a larger volume for longer retention time, to deliver consistent, high quality results.

The separator is equipped with new patented Corella® coalescer. The Corella® is a new “self-cleaning” design that performs better than traditional plate coalescers. The difference lies in the precise manufacturing of the Corella® coalescer with inclined parallel plates that are flat on the top and corrugated on the bottom. The plates are constructed and arranged to allow settleable solids to accumulate on the flat top and slide downward, while the oil coalesces into sheets on the corrugated undersides and slides upwards. Unlike other oil/water separators, both oil and solids can be removed without shutting down the separator for periodic cleaning.

Design, construction, and performance of the Highland Tank oil/water separators is certified and labeled by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. under UL-SU2215. Currently, code enforcement officials consider Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc. UL-SU2215 certification as being the preeminent national consensus standard for oil/water separator design, construction, and performance.

The Highland Oil/Water Separator installation at the Mott Haven Power Distribution Center demonstrates how Con Ed’s efforts to be a good environmental steward and to strive for performance beyond compliance plus the new cutting edge separation technology from Highland Tank can help prevent oil spills and ensure cleaner water, even in highly industrialized areas of New York City.

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