Hofstetter high temperature flares in Brazil (CO2 certificates)


Courtesy of Hofstetter BV

Type      HOFGAS®- Efficiency 2500 (2x) 
Commissioning      2003
Site      Bandeirantes(Saõ Paulo, BR)
The landfill of Saõ Paulo, the largest city in South America, extends over 140 ha. For a period of 4 more years several thousands tons of waste will be deposited. The power potential of this landfill will be used to generate electricity. Within the framework of the Kyoto Protocol the installation had been designed using state-of-the-art technology, so that the operator can sell CO2 certificates at a later date. A part of this will be used to finance the improvement of the landfill’s surrounding area in compensation for the nuisance caused to the local people.
  • Treatment of the excess gas of 5'000 Nm3/h
  • 100% readiness of the plant
  • Automatic control and monitoring of the plant
  • Explosion protection and safety concept
  • Comply with the local regulations
  • Very short delivery time of only 4 weeks

Hofstetter manufactured two high temperature flares with the aim of splitting the total excess gas of 5000Nm3/h. From a technical point of view , two smaller plantsprovide a gainful redundancy as opposed to one large plant. Moreover, the transport to Brazil has been simplified. In the case of Brazil, the electrical components had to be verified in advance on a higher frequency and adapted to the local conditions.

Functional Description
The landfill gas is processed and delivered via 4 blower units (each 4’000 Nm3/h) to the generator sets or to the high temperature flares.

For the excess gas treatment in relation to the environment 2 high temperature flares are available.

Altogether 23 gas generation sets are in operation. Each motor has a capacity of 925 kW, which will provide 20 MW of electricity, a sufficient amount to power more than 58’000 households in one year.

Client’s Benefits

  • Future sale of CO2 Kyoto Certificates
  • Continuous generation and sale of 20 MWh electricity
  • Safe disposal of excess gas
  • Reduction in landfill emissions (proactive environmental protection)
  • Improvement in the living conditions for Bandeirantes inhabitants
  • Very short delivery time of the HOFGAS®- Efficiency thanks to standardisation

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