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How do you make one of Europe’s largest cold spaces energy efficient?


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When you want to build one of Europe’s largest cold spaces, how do you ensure that energy efficiency is at the heart of the project?
That was the challenge facing AGRO Merchants Group when they set about expanding their chilled storage area in Rotterdam port by adding 18,000 pallets of chilled space to the market.
Located at the heart of Europe, Rotterdam port is in the top three busiest in the world. As you can imagine keeping perishable food cold is a big undertaking that costs millions each year in energy bills.
The scale of Rotterdam is enormous. In 2013 alone, the port received 3.3 million tons of meat and fish from countries such as Brazil, Ireland, France, and Iceland.
AGRO Merchants Group has a stated commitment to be more environmentally friendly by reducing COemissions and becoming energy efficient. They wanted to deliver on this commitment in their new Rotterdam project.
How did they do it?

The key consideration of the new storage facility was the insulation properties. Whatever they decided upon would have a significant impact on the thermal performance and energy use requirement. Both issues that affect the environmental impact and cost of running the facility.
Jan Dietvorst of B-Built was leading the project and he chose Kingspan’s QuadCore insulated panels as the central element. The completed job used an impressive 20,000 m2 of the insulated panel technology – enough to cover 4 football pitches.
The deciding factor in choosing any insulated panel system must be how it can help to deliver an energy efficient building envelope.
QuadCore has a lambda value of just 0.018 W/mK, which is the best in the industry.
The end result for the AGRO Merchants cold storage facility in Amsterdam was success. The building achieved a BREEAM Excellent certification - an internationally recognised rating for the sustainability performance of buildings. And more significantly the highest rating for this type of storage facility in Europe.

Jan Dievorst commented that the choice of QuadCore was made in order to deliver an excellent BREEAM rating:
We were commissioned to build a project that is BREEAM Excellent. That is what the client really wanted. It was an easy choice because the QuadCore IND panels have a high insulation value, which is a BREEAM excellent criteria.
Technical Information:
  • With a lambda value of 0,018 mW, this QuadCore Technology provides thermal performance with an R-value greater than 12.5 with a 220mm QuadCore IND panel. 
  • “… with a QuadCore panel, we have the advantage of getting a higher insulation value for the same thickness, so the customer gains more.” said site construction manager, Arjan Vrielink, B-Built.

QuadCore Insulated Panel Technology offer the highest thermal performance the industry has to offer and are in high demand for cold storage environments. Find out more here

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