How residential solar energy can save you money

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Courtesy of Solargies

A company is emerging; one that allows American homeowners to produce their own clean, green, renewable energy from the sun and keep the energy savings every month – year after year. You save thousands of dollars powering your home with solar generated electricity.

It is not just the American Dream any longer. It is possible for U.S. homeowners to save money on their energy bills, month after month, by renting a residential solar energy system. A homeowner can help to lower carbon emissions by utilizing renewable solar generated electricity. A new solar manufacturer is working to make it hassle free and affordable for homeowner to install solar – and save money on electricity.

In their pilot installation phase, this solar energy company is working to remove the barriers to wide-scale solar adoption in the United States. Its business model is to rent all of the solar equipment needed to power a residential home. There is an energy auditing process and required feasibility study to better determine suitable locations. In some cases, homeowners wishing to have a solar energy unit installed will not qualify.

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