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How Strata’s Microgrid reinforced a roadside slope and saved 30-percent in costs


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The City of Fairfield in Solano County, CA has many beautiful parks and trails enjoyed by residents year round. One of roadways stretching alongside one of these natural areas was threatened due to unstable soils and a failing slope. This posed safety concerns for the area. The roadway had a right of way to a state highway and the county and city were in need of a cost effective solution that would stabilize the slope while maintaining the natural beauty along the roadside.

Strata provided an alternative solution to the design that reinforced the soil slope, provided an attractive and stable foundation for the roadway, and kept city and county budgets in check.

Taking into account that there were more than 5,700 square feet of a 2H to 1V slope along the roadside that needed reinforcement, Strata's design required 26,200 square yards of its StrataGrid and MicroGrid products to be installed. The grid was in layers of compacted soil and the slope face was protected with an erosion blanket. The installation was completed by the contractor without any special equipment, which saved time and money.

Strata geogrids are precision knitted polyester grids with an open structure that provide excellent interlock with soils while maintaining high permeability. The high molecular weight and high tenacity polyester grid is stabilized with a proprietary coating, resulting in a stable finished product that is easy to handle and install.

The result of Strata’s solution was a 30% cost savings over the other specified competitive solutions being considered by the city and county. The roadway adjacent to the Strata Slope is now a stable and safe access road for motor vehicles and bicycles. The Strata Slope is fully vegetated, aesthetically pleasing and integrated with surrounding land.

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