How to become self-sufficient in energy management


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We believe there are three simple key stages of an energy management journey which will transform an organisation from one with the ambitions to manage energy, to one which is proficient and self-sufficient in the art.

Each key stage of the energy management process has a number of elements to put in place, some of which may be simple, others more complex. Here at Drumbeat, our team can work closely with you and your team to follow the three logical steps to becoming self-sufficient in energy management.

The more effort that can be put into it by all parties at the beginning, the better – but we are always mindful of the fact that you have a business to run and your team’s time is at a premium. So we aim to take the strain and do most of the spade-work, building and installing your complete energy management system.

The journey with us is exactly what you expect in any important journey. It has a start, a finish, a well-mapped route and a series of mileposts in between.

Stages 1-3

We take you all the way from being an organisation which knows it must get a grip on energy management to being one that is thoroughly proficient and self-sufficient in the art, an exponent of best practice for integrated energy management.

Yes, it requires commitment and determination on everyone’s part – but to achieve this, any worthwhile goal needs effort, doesn’t it?

And as the savings will more than pay for the journey, you’ll agree it all makes great sense. Our realistic fee structure is based on your needs, your budget and with the flexibility of deferred payment terms if you prefer.

Training as we go, we gradually build your team’s knowledge, skills and confidence.

By the end of the short journey, competence in energy management will be firmly embedded into your team’s capability and management ethos, securing support and participation of all staff. Achieving that goal obviously requires your commitment throughout the process.

So if you feel like taking this all important journey with us and are looking to get some free advice – arrange your One to One with Drumbeat Energy Management today.

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