How to Choose Solar Lights for Small Area Illumination

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Lighting is a very delicate subject. Most people do not take it as such because the assumption is that illumination is required in any area that is dark. The type of illumination is usually not considered since any kind of light is considered right.

This is however not right. You cannot have the same kind of lighting in a large space as well as a small place. The lighting needs in these two scenarios are very different. The size of a space is a great determinant of the type of lighting that should be used. A few other factors will guide you towards the right light for your small space so that you do not overdo or underdo it.

Indoor or outdoor

Indoor lighting is very different from outdoor lighting. They may sometimes look the same but in most cases solar outdoor lighting is sturdier than indoor lights. The outdoors also has a little more darkness and space meaning that chances of the light being absorbed are very high. Indoor spaces have walls surrounding them therefore light easily bounces off walls and it spreads all through. This means that you may need brighter lights for the outside and lights that are a little dimmer for the inside.

Purpose of space

Every space will have a designated purpose at some point. Some will be main areas for meals or entertainment and some will be bedrooms or areas to just kick back and relax. Spaces that are meant for relaxation would probably have mild lights that create a relaxed feel for anyone who steps into the room.

Spaces that are intended for entertainment may have a variety of colors that create a fun experience for everyone who gets in. The lights will automatically change your mood from drab to upbeat thus setting you a step ahead for the activities lined up.

Shape of space

This may not matter to most since most spaces end up being rectangular or square but you may have spherical spaces as well. It would look more orderly if your lights were of the same shape as your room.

The shape also determines how light bounces around the space so you may need to try out different things and additions like lampshades so that you find the perfect mix.

Purpose of the light

Is the light supposed to give illumination only or to act as a decorative piece as well? Even if it is a space that will be used for mundane activities it should have something attractive in it. A light with a beautiful design goes a long way in improving a space.

Outdoor spaces like a park, along a pathway or an entrance to a place usually have solar powered lights that are for illumination as well as improving the security in the area. They can take on any shape but it has to ensure proper dispersion of light within the area it is required.

Special features like wildlife-friendly lighting may be recommend for an area like a park because it usually has some forms of wildlife and improper lighting may interfere with their development and growth.

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