How to install solar parking lots lights

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Parking lots are present in most business premises for clients to park their cars as they enjoy the services offered by that specific business. They are however some of the last sections of properties to be considered for lighting. It is important to keep them well lit for those clients that come in late and also employees that work late shifts.

Installing solar parking lot lighting will reduce incidences of vandalism to company and client property like cars and therefore increase security in the area. A few pointers will make such an installation a success.

Where is the light required?

Parking lots are of different sizes and shapes. Most are usually at the front of a building but they can go all the way around the building as well. It is important to identify where the lights will be required, the capacity of the parking lot and its position. It does not matter whether the parking lot already exists or is still under construction.

How long should the lights run?

How long the lights run may be dependent on how long your business stays open. If your business runs for 24 hours then it may be advisable to keep them on throughout but you may have them turn off a little late if your business only operates up to a certain time like 10pm. You can have the lights switched off for a few hours during the night so as to increase energy savings. Lights can be programmed to turn off for a few hours and then light up again later in the night.

What are the lighting requirements?

Most states have specific lighting requirements and you have to find out what they are in your area so as to ensure that you meet them. This is especially true for businesses. Rural areas may require dim lighting while urban areas may require brighter lighting.


Lights are of different types and sizes and meet different lighting needs. Find out from a designer or manufacturer the type of light that would be most appropriate for your project. If they can do a mockup of what the selected design will look like on the ground then ask them to because it will provide you with a good idea of what to expect and you can decide whether you like it.

Where will the poles be fitted?

Lights will have to be placed on poles for elevation and proper spread of light. Figure out where the poles will be placed in the parking lot. You should also determine what kind of anchoring will be used on the pole. You can have them buried directly or have an anchor base.

Power source

Power source is the final decision to make but it can be influenced by the parking lot itself. If it has already been built or it is not done yet but there is no electricity that side then solar lighting is your best bet. You will not have to dig up trenches or tear up the already done concrete which will save the environment and costs as well.

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