How to Prevent the Corrosion of Biomass Fired Boiler


 Biomass pellet,as the fuel of biomass fired boiler, is very more affordable than coal,oil and natural gas,and has no pollution to environment,it belongs to the renewable energy sources.Like other industrial boilers,biomass fired boiler also needs the maintenances to prevent corrosion in the process of its usage to prolong its service life.the engineer form Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd.,gives the following advices to us.

External Anticorrosion of Boiler Proper

After the shutdown of biomass fired boiler,we must clean the fouling on the heating surface,the slagging on the upper grate and in the lower boiler proper thoroughly,maintain a certain degree of natural ventilation in gas pass.Generally, the desiccant should be placed in the furnace and gas pass to prevent moisture,for example,quicklime is often used as desiccant.

Anticorrosion inside Boiler Proper

The internal maintenance of biomass fired boilers is basis on the length of shutdown time,generally,when it is no more than one month,we should take the wet maintenance,more than one month,the dry maintenance should be taken.If the wet maintenance is taken in cold winter,we should pay a attention to prevent frostbite,especially in the parts of sewage channels and economizer.

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