Huge scope of urban domestic biogas plant

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There is a huge scope of installing 15 million domestic biogas plants in urban homes for generating cooking gas from kitchen waste and other organic waste.

In every home, about half kilogram waste is generated daily such as vegetable cut outs and leftovers, green leaves and husks, fruit skins, rotten fruits, sugarcane baggesse, left out or stale food or some organic starchy material etc. Now, compact biogas plants made of Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic have been developed which can be purchased and put in the home just like refrigerator. If 2 kg of such kitchen waste duly ground in the home mixer is fed into biogas plant alongwith 10 lit of water, it will generate enough cooking gas for a family of  4 to 5 persons.  Biogas plant should be put on the terrace or roof or in the compound of the home where maximum sunlight falls on the biogas plant. Maximum gas is generated in the hot condition. So sunlight adds to the generation of the gas. No any construction is required for biogas plant as it is readily available.

If such biogas plant is installed in one of every 4 homes, it will consume all the organic waste and hence Municipal authority will be relieved from the burden of collecting and disposing of organic waste. Really, the waste is turned into wealth in the biogas plant and city will have no problem of dirt and mosquitos and malaria. The effluent - roughly 10 litres every day - is excellent organic manure for growing organic vegetables on the terrace or in the trays in the home. If city people are trained to grow fresh organic vegetables in their homes, it will give 10 times more benefit than only cooking gas. So on the whole, this biogas plant is blessing to the city people.

This is renewable energy. This has a huge scope in every city. It is estimated that in a city of population of 1 million people, there will be about 2 lakh homes, out of which, about 50000 homes can install such biogas plants and they can run their biogas plants by collecting the kitchen waste from every 4 neighboring homes. This way at least cooking gas equivalent to 2 lakh LPG cylinders annually  will be produced and consumed in the city of 1 million people. This means that wealth of Rs. 6 crores can be generated from waste by a city of 1 million and such a big amount going to petroleum company will be saved. Moreover, municipal authority will save a lot of money for collecting and disposing the waste. Still further, if people are trained to grow organic vegetables in their homes or on the roof tops, crores of rupees worth fresh organic healthy vegetables can be produced in the urban homes.  


If this calculation is applied to all the towns and cities of India, total population becomes 300 millions. So totally, 15 millions of urban domestic biogas plants have bright scope in India in which cooking gas equivalent to 60 million LPG cylinders will be produced annually and consumed in homes. Huge amount of Rs.18000 million going to petroleum companies will be saved by urban people of India. If urban people can be trained to grow organic vegetables in their homes, the benefit of production of organic green vegetables will far outweigh the benefit of cooking gas. And municipal authorities will be totally relieved from the burden of collecting and disposing all the organic waste generated in homes.


I feel that municipal authorities have been created primarily for serving the people. So primary duty of any municipal authority is to serve the people rather than to collect taxes and use authority resuting in atrocity of  demolishing homes and huts,  harassment of  hawkers and Rekadiwalas etc. So, all municipal authorities should consider some sort of constructive scheme to encourage the urban people to install thousands of biogas plants. So If this type of constructive activity of promoting domestic biogas plants is encouraged by municipal authorities, I feel it will be big tribute to Gandhiji, as cleanliness and use of every waste was one of the noble activity for Gandhiji.

If urban people start growing organic vegetables free from pesticides, they will be out of danger of becoming victim of cancer which spreads mainly due to pesticides in vegetables. In fact, growing vegetables is very interesting activity. If city people pay attention in it, they will get some exercise and will improve their health also. In Europe, municipal authorities encourage such activity and fresh organic vegetables worh millions of dollars are really produced by the urban people. Now many books are also available for urban agriculture, roof top agriculture, soilless agriculture and in many other names.  Municipal authorities will be benefitted considerably by way of reduction of entire volume of organic solid waste management and fighting against malaria etc. 

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