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Impact of alkaline oxide on coal ash fusion temperature


Ash fusion temperature (AFT) is an important index for coal gasification. A blend of fluxing agent with coal can decrease the AFT to meet the requirements of specific gasification process. Effect of alkaline oxide and silica alumina ratio on decreasing AFT is focused in this study. Simulation ash was used to investigate the effect of alkaline oxide on AFT. The experimental results showed that AFT of simulation ash significantly decreased by adding single or composite fluxing agent of Fe
, CaO, Na
O into it and the silica alumina ratio has specific effect on the AFT. The single or composite fluxing agent was also added to three coals with high AFT, consistent results were obtained. Biomass was blended to adjust the silica alumina ratio of high AFT coal and the AFT was evidently decreased.

Keywords: alkaline oxide, coal, ash fusion temperature, AFT, gasification, fluxing agent, Fe 2 O 3, CaO, Na 2 O, simulation ash, coal ash, silica alumina ratio, biomass

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