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Implementing a Progressive Strategic Plan for Energy Optimisation


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In today’s climate of increased energy prices and tightening environmental emissions requirements, refineries around the world are continuing to focus on optimising energy consumption at their facilities. Over the past few years, while energy prices have been increasing, refiners have made progress toward improved overall energy performance by implementing energy efficiency programs. In general, these programs and initiatives have focused on the relatively easy energy efficiency targets – such as furnace O2 levels and minimising slow rolling steam turbines. While these initiatives are an important step, a strategic approach is now required that focuses on implementing and sustaining the energy optimisation program.
Recently, KBC Energy Services used its Continuous Energy Improvement offering - KBC Engage - to help a North American Refiner achieve and sustain realistic energy optimisation targets. This article outlines the methodology required for a successful strategic approach to energy optimisation, and includes specific case studies to illustrate the complexity of the challenge.

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