Improving energy efficiency with an intelligent remote energy management system

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With the growing demand for energy efficiency solutions to contend rising energy costs, many technologies have become available in the market today. However, without intelligent and continuous energy data measurements, which can be analysed for strategic energy planning, carbon emissions, energy efficiency, reliability and electric costs, the maximising of overall savings is much more difficult to achieve.

ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (EMS) are not new in this market. EMS solutions are widely implemented at large-scale facilities such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, etc; and are typically integrated or part-of a comprehensive building/facility management system. However solutions such as these would be cumbersome for medium and small size facilities which are distributed at large geographical areas, such as a network of gas stations, chains of convenient stores, fast food restaurants and cafés, supermarkets, and more.

In such businesses the management of energy has become even more complicated and challenging due to the absence of professionals who can understand energy usage at each location. In actuality, it can take months for inefficient usage of electricity, anomalies or even failures to be detected. The aggregation of electric data measurements and energy consumption from hundreds or even thousands of remote sites into a central data repository for monitoring, control and analysis is not an easy task, but definitely one that can bring superior benefits for improving energy efficiency and maximising electric savings.

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