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Independent verification demonstrates high value in the energy industry

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The current UK energy climate is one of movement and action. The latest high-impact report regarding climate change comes from Sir Nicholas Stern, former chief economist at the World Bank, who has produced the first in-depth paper on the economics of global warming. His predictions that unabated climate change could shrink the global economy by 20% have made industry sit up like nothing before.

Taking action now though, would cost the economy just 1% GDP annually – and benefit everyone in the long term. The ‘green’ challenge is shown in positive light in the report, indicating that tackling climate change will bring countless new lucrative opportunities to industry – including new markets, new jobs, new technologies and pioneering social enterprises – with Britain holding the key to becoming the world leader in best practice.

With the increasingly frantic demands that carbon emissions be decreased, energy efficiency is becoming an ever more important part of cost cutting within the manufacturing industry. The search intensifies for products and processes that promote energy costs. An influx of commodities on the market means that choosing a reliable and effective option can be a minefield. Guarantees can help offer peace of mind, but energy cost cuts can be measured in many different ways – so the reassurance of third party verification can be a strong deciding factor.

Energy efficient technology specialists Maxsys Ltd use an independent third party to measure the minimum 5% energy savings promised by their Fuel+ system. This independent assessment is undertaken by ABB who produce a test protocol at the beginning of each project that describes in detail the methodology to be used to measure and quantify change in plant performance after the installation of the Fuel+ system. ABB then continues to monitor the system throughout the agreed period and is able to reliably and accurately report on the exact savings gained from the system by comparing the performance before and after Fuel+ has been installed.

Jeremy Hunns, Principal Consultant at ABB explains the system: “Essentially we provide a truly independent monitoring service for both the customers and Maxsys Ltd. There are three fundamental steps: The first stage is the pre-analysis where we evaluate the customer’s current system to make sure we can accurately measure it in order to observe changes once Fuel+ is installed. Secondly we define the test protocol - what measurements are needed and for how long and how often, as well as the calculation methodology to be employed. Once this has been signed off by all parties, the predata is collected and analysed, and once a satisfactory data set has been collected and analysed, we reach the stage of implementation. The final stage takes place post installation, when the customer collects and sends us the post installation data which we then analyse to determine the difference in energy usage.”

There are a lot of parameters that influence equipment efficiency. Trying to keep everything the same before and after is very difficult. Without independent third party verification it would be easy for unscrupulous vendors to make the figures match.

“ABB choose to work with Maxsys and their customers because the process is totally unbiased. We provide accurate, honest results every time, and that is what all parties want. In my opinion this validation is one of the most important feature of the process – it provides clients with peace of mind.” says Hunns.

Toray Textiles Europe Limited has first hand experience of successfully implementing the Fuel+ system. “The first, most important thing was to verify our existing conditions,” explains Mike Fisher, General Manager of Engineering. “Because we were able to contribute to this working alongside ABB and Maxsys, we were able to agree accurate key parameters. Having a third party work through this gave us confidence in the Maxsys approach and calculation methods. Post-installation the same regime was followed for a direct comparison, offering us a clear, unbiased approach. The fact that ABB is a leading provider of this type of service was also reassuring and gave us faith in the process.”

The Fuel+ promise is a bold one – 5% saving or your money back. With that kind of offer, having the word of someone with a first-class reputation means everything. Nigel Timms, technical director at Maxsys describes how vital their relationship with ABB is, for both their customers and their own integrity. “We chose to work with ABB because they are very well known in the market of process management. Their experience and credibility is very important. They will tell the story as it is, and that is all we ask for.”

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