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Influence of initial moisture on pyrolysis of fresh biomass

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Experiments were performed in a thermogravimetric analyser to understand the effects of initial moisture of biomass on its pyrolysis and kinetics. Scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffractometry and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy were employed to determine the effects of the initial moisture of grass on the char structure. Kinetic parameters were obtained by applying Flynn-Wall-Ozawa method. The results indicate that the pyrolysis characteristic temperatures and the char residue decrease with greater initial moisture of grass. The results of char analysis show that the chars' cell walls become thinner, and the fractal dimension increases, and the chars' microcrystalline became smaller and many functional groups' band peaks of chars become smaller and even disappear with the initial moisture increasing. The activation energy as a function of the conversion reveals the multi-step nature of the fresh-grass devolatilisation. The activation energy reduces about 30kJ mol-1 when the initial moisture increases from 4.52% to 44.17%. [Received: July 2, 2009; Accepted: February 5, 2010]

Keywords: fresh biomass, initial moisture, pyrolysis, kinetics, char structure, fresh grass devolatilisation

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