INFORSE-Europe opinion on renewable energy support in the EU

The EU countries have agreed to work for the target that 20% of Europe’s total energy use should
come from renewable energy by 2020. If implemented, this will stimulate evolution of the whole
energy sector towards more sustainable solutions.
It is essential for the success of this that the support mechanisms for renewable energy are
effective and that they lead to development of renewable energy in all 27 EU countries. The
experience with the success of the German windpower and solar energy use shows that even
countries with less favourable weather conditions for renewable energy can successfully develop
their renewable energy sector. The key is a support system that provides long-term investment
security such as the feed-in regulation for renewable electricity.
To reach the 20% target it is important to set national targets for renewable electricity, heating and
cooling as well as for renewable transportation. The targets should be minimum targets and should
be followed by interim targets or minimum trends of increase, such as 1% increase per year. The
countries should also consider the possibility of revising the targets upwards. A 25% target for
2020 is better in line with a sustainable development than a 20% target and is therefore promoted
by INFORSE-Europe as well as by the European Parliament.


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