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Bruce Industries - Growing Large Impressively:

Bruce Aerospace is known within the aerospace and aviation industry for their lighting systems within commercial aircrafts. In 1956 Bruce Industries was established in Southern California. As the company continued to grow a major expansion was required. In 1986 Bruce Industries relocated to Northwestern Nevada. In August 2007, Bruce Industries was purchased by Transdigm Group, Inc. and changed their name to Bruce Aerospace.

About the Company’s Exclusive Product Line:

Their broad line of products includes:

  • Cabin lighting
  • Exterior lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Escape path lighting systems
  • Illuminated signs (exit and information signs)
  • Task/accent lighting
  • Battery power supplies

Bruce Aerospace offers state of the art safety solutions and is known for their patented “mood lighting” systems. This type of system employs the latest high brightest LED technology and has several advantages over lower output fluorescent lighting systems. These lighting systems have high thermal efficiency, extremely long useable lifespan. They have a minimum of 60,000 hours of usage.

Market Segments that Utilize Bruce Lighting Systems:

Bruce Aerospace lighting systems are utilized in both the commercial and military markets on applications for  aviation and ground transportation. Other market segments that utilize the Bruce Aerospace lighting system include:

  • Aircraft interiors
  • Aircraft exteriors
  • Special purpose incandescent lighting for emergency lighting applications
  • Shelter
  • Fluorescent General Cabin, Compartment and Crew Station Illumination
  • Special Purpose Incandescent Spotlights and Floodlights for reading

Striving Continuously to Bring the Customers Always the Best:

Due to the fact that Bruce Aerospace lighting systems are utilized worldwide in different markets, it is their goal that their products are of the highest quality. To ensure continuous improvement in the quality of their products Bruce Aerospace established an AS9100 certified Quality System. When this system was implemented Bruce Aerospace personnel were required to assume individual responsibility for the quality of products and their customer’s satisfaction. It is a personal mission to provide their customers with defect free products. Personnel is also committed to providing products in a cost efficient and timely manner. Bruce Aerospace also provides full aftermarket support. Their staffs are available for technical support question and concerns. Bruce Aerospace also has a team that is dedicated to meeting their customers’ demands when it comes to rapid shipping of spare parts for unexpected needs and expedite shipping requirements. With over five decades of manufacturing state of the art lighting systems Bruce Aerospace reputation of providing excellence continues on.

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