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Innovative Solutions for the Power Generation Industry

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The global demand for power continues to increase, especially in fast growing areas of Asia including China, India and the Middle East. The environmental regulations on these power generation companies are also becoming more stringent.

Power generation companies need smart, sustainable solutions to meet the specific water quality requirements that will ensure consistent process and power production. These companies will also look to improve efficiencies and reduce waste.

Genesis Water Technologies assists power generators to optimize the power generation process by using efficient water treatment solutions that increase their production process while maintaining strict regulation compliance.

Power generation companies have specific needs for clean water as well as requiring solutions for safe discharge or reuse of process water.

Genesis Water Technologies is a USA based leader in providing technical consultation and customized innovative water solutions including high efficiency membrane filtration and other specialized filtration solution for the treatment of cooling tower water and boiler feed water as well as waste water for nuclear, gas and coal fired power operators.

We work together to maintain or improve our energy client’s competitive advantages by optimizing their water quality.


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