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Innovative Sustainable Solutions for the Power Generation Industry

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The power generation industry is a major consumer of water for their power production requirements.

As this industry becomes more competitive and potential environmental laws and regulations are required, companies within this industry will require sustainable and advanced solutions to meet their unique water quality requirements to ensure continuous production as the lowest potential cost.

Water plays an integral part in the power generation process from cooling towers to boiler feed water and waste water treatment.

There are several treatment approaches to treat the water to the highest standard required by power generation companies. Included below is the overall layout of the treatment process for power generation companies.

  • Pre-treatment

  • Demineralization

  • Degasification / De-ionization

Genesis Water Technologies, In. can be a key component in working with power generation companies to meet their needs for highly purified water using the treatment approach outlined above.

GWT specialized sustainable innovative solutions provide among the lowest operating costs while meeting the specified water requirements.

About Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. is an innovative, sustainable USA manufacturer and wholesale supplier of water/waste water treatment, filtration and purification solutions worldwide.

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