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International cooperation and the adoption of environmentally responsible technologies

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Adoption of technologies for energy production with improved environmental performance is essential for supporting world economic growth and managing the global warming and climate change issues. International cooperation is critical to ensure the environmental and energy security of world economies on a global basis. For example, the USA has acquired a great deal of useful experience in clean coal technology, which has been demonstrated with major utilities in commercial operations. The adoption and installation of clean coal technology should be given high priority worldwide. The continuous exchange of information and technology between developed and developing economies relating to current and future use of environmentally responsive technologies is of great importance. Developed economies that possess environmentally responsive technologies and financial resources should work closely with developing economies to facilitate technology transfer and trade of technologies. Cooperation between economies can result in lowering the cost of deploying clean coal technologies directed toward the clean production of energy. This paper discusses a bilateral approach, i.e. the US/China Center for Energy and Environment, to facilitate the mitigation of emissions and promote the clean use of coal to satisfy growing energy demand in developing economies.

Keywords: clean coal technology, international cooperation, technology transfer

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