IRENA-workshop on Capacity Building 2009/10/14 in Abu Dhabi


Courtesy of Renewables Academy AG (RENAC)

Workshop objectives
The objective of IRENA’s on capacity building in Abu Dhabi (UAE) on 14 October 2009 is to assemble experiences in capacity building, to identify needs for capacity building for technical as well as non-technical issues and to discuss practical approaches for capacity building in the field of renewable energy.

Workshop target groups
IRENA invites participation from the relevant private and public institutions with experience in capacity building for renewable energies as well as Signatory States of IRENA interested in active participation in the workshop.
The target group includes the following institutions:

  • United Nations
  • Supranational and regional Institutions
  • Financing Sector
  • Development Institutions
  • Non Governmental Institutions

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