Is Eaton`s Purchase of Cooper a Bellwether for the Smart Grid Sector?

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Most of the clean technology industry depends heavily on the political climates and the availability of subsidies or incentives to generate demand. As we’ve seen with the solar and wind industries, political squabbles and poor business planning create a logjam in the installed capacity increases of wind power and the rapid technological innovation of solar technologies. While solar and wind have faltered in recent months, one sector’s activity indicates a vast growth potential: the smart grid.   Whereas promises of renewable technology startups becoming hot commodities on the merger and acquisitions market haven’t come to fruition, smart grid companies and startups continue their hot streak. No transaction looms larger than Eaton’s recent $11.8 billion acquisition of Cooper Industries. Cooper Industries, an electrical equipment supplier, will augment Eaton’s ability to effectively manage modern electrical power, which becomes increasingly reliant on smart grid automation controls. The combination of these two companies will allow Eaton to compete with the likes of Honeywell and Johnson Controls in the smart grid arena. The question becomes, over the next 5-10 years, will smart grid business provide the incentive for continued investment and development, and can it prompt overall growth of clean technologies...?   Read the full story

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