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ISA launches a new equipment which contributes to energy efficiency in households and small offices


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In December 2012, ISA launched a new solution in the Portuguese market that allows users to reduce energy costs in homes and offices. In April 2013 this solution will be officially released in Spain. Cloogy is a consumption monitoring tool that allows a rational use of electric equipment and advises the user about the most appropriate contracted power. 

'Are you living a smart life?' was a slogan that marked the official product´s launch event in Portugal. In April it is a time for Spanish market to receive Cloogy.

Knowing how, when and where we are spending energy in home or office will now be possible with Cloogy, the new solution with ISA´s signature, addressed to final consumer.

Helping consumers to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and save on unnecessary costs are the principal goals for this solution. With exclusive features, Cloogy can be purchased at the online store ( or through a network of distributors for a price ranging between EUR 199,00 and 709,00.

At the time when one of the main topics of debate is the electricity tariff, Cloogy plays an important role in analyzing consumers' consumption profile, and based on this information evaluates the contracted power which is the most adequate for their house or office. The optimization of energy costs enabled by Cloogy, allows saving, in average, of up to 25%, thus presenting itself in the market as a valid asset in the reduction of electricity costs at the end of the month.

There are more than 1 500 families who are already using Cloogy and who, with the help of this solution, have reached significant results in energy savings. The information provided by Cloogy, has caused important reductions in consumption, which, in some cases, has reached 30%, depending on the monthly consumption and the level of efficiency of homes and offices.

Cloogy is a Portuguese technology product which allows the user to know, remotely and at any time, how much electricity is being consumed in the house or office. It also allows to control remotely the electrical equipment, by switching them on and off in real-time, or scheduling the functioning period to the most convenient hours. Cloogy supplies the real-time information about the energy consumption, historical data and forecasts of monthly costs. It is a device which is easy to install, that allows monitoring of consumption at any time and any place, and take action on them through a web portal, tablet or smartphone.

« ISA has developed a product directed to the residential market and small offices that permits to monitor the electric consumption and thus allows an improved usage of the equipment and to more easily choose the most adequate rates adjusted to consumption patterns. After launching Cloogy in Spain, we are going to continue our internationalization process in France, Brazil and Middle East. In the same time, we are continuing to look for distributors also in other countries» says Nuno Martins, product manager.

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