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Its Easy Being Green

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Building your home with benefits for you and respect for the planet Today, many homebuilders want to build projects that protect their environment. Happily, the savvy homeowner can design a house that, at little or no cost, provides the rewards of a healthier environment and lower utility bills. Indeed, many measures launched out of concern for the environment will deliver better results than those provided by traditional products and methods.

Some features—like solar panels or geothermal heating and cooling systems—are initially more expensive. But using them may lead to a relatively rapid payback with offsetting rebates and as energy prices escalate. The solar option can provide other benefits such as emergency backup power that replaces the need for diesel generators. Whether you want simply to improve your existing home or build a new home, it’s important that environment-friendly features be considered at the outset. They must be designed into your plans, for it’s difficult to add these elements later. Make sure that the scope of the project is adequate, but that you don’t waste resources by building more space than you can use. Savings can go into higher design detailing, furnishings, or artwork, and make your home a showcase of your taste. First you’ll need an environmental audit and a guide.

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