John Lewis Partnership


Following initial client consultancy (both CSR and technical)to define the data structures,we implemented a roll-out of the full cr edit360 platform, with customisation of the site structure and style to match the corporate brand.This gives users a feeling of ownership and immediate familiarity.


credit360 gives the JLP team a CR intranet site they control without recourse to the corporate IT department.Monthly data from a number of sources feeds a ‘digital dashboard ’,providing employees at all levels of the business with
immediate feedback on key CR performance targets.Depending on job role, this information is available at a global,divisional or individual store level. The JLP system uses approximately 650 indicators across 300 business units,
receiving data feeds from across the business,as well as from external suppliers of electricity,gas and water.The calculations performed by the credit360 system include normalising data (eg energy consumption per square foot of floor space)and calculating carbon dioxide emissions from energy data.


After the successful first phase roll-out,several bespoke modules feeding into the main product have been implemented.These include a logging system for charitable giving data and the integration of a substantial legislation database.

Key benefits

  • improved communication with staff
  • central CR resource across the Partnership
  • CR data presented alongside relevant policy statements and business objectives
  • personalised,relevant performance data for staff through multiple-level dashboards

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