Joint Venture Designed to Speed Up Smart Grid Adoption

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Today’s utilities face unprecedented challenges to improve performance and efficiency at a time when infrastructure costs are up, energy consumption is down and regulatory policy is uncertain.

Utilities are looking for low investment solutions that are easy to deploy and deliver fast, measurable results. That’s the market need that Verizon and CURRENT Group are looking to solve with their new joint smart grid offering.

By combining intelligent distributed sensing from CURRENT Group with an Internet Protocol-based solution from Verizon, the joint solution enables real-time power consumption and analysis communications between electric companies and sensors deployed on their networks.

The solution will help improve efficiency and reliability of the electric distribution grid, allowing electric utilities adopt smart grid capabilities more quickly. The two companies will leverage their core capabilities to deliver a joint smart grid solution. Verizon will provide the underlying wireless and IP network services, managed network and security services, and advanced IT security consulting services to help electric companies identify and mitigate risks to critical cyber assets, including data, applications, IT systems and networks. CURRENT will provide its intelligent sensors, which monitor distribution grid performance; its OpenGrid utility element management system; and its System Optimization and Reliability analytical software solutions. Spokespersons for the joint partnership believe that providing utilities with a turn-key package of essential ingredients will jump-start power industry efforts to employ smart grid technologies in their day-to-day business operations. They say it will help electric utilities speed integration of renewable energy sources, improve overall grid operations, and realize a secure, IP-enabled smart grid. The relationship between Verizon and CURRENT leverages the extensive experience of both companies to deliver key building blocks for an IP-enabled smart grid. Specifically, the ability for electric utilities to process information securely, reliably and more quickly will be central to making production, distribution and consumption more efficient. The new offering is immediately available and designed for simple and speedy implementation. Electric companies can adopt the solution on a substation-by-substation, application-by-application or enterprise-wide basis.

Reprinted with permission from GreenTech TV

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