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  • Biodiesel Analysis with Mid Infrared - From Feedstock to Fuel

    Introduction The biofuels industry is growing rapidly and so is the need for analysis to ensure quality product. The parameters for quality biodiesel require different types of instruments and measurement systems, such as gas chromatographs (GC), titrators, centrifuges, infrared spectrometers... Although claims are out there for the analyzer that will do it all, unfortunately there is no one ...

    By Spectro Scientific

  • Biodiesel production from high FFA crude rice bran oil and investigation on its properties as CI engine fuel

    This study is an attempt to convert high free fatty acid (FFA) crude rice bran oil (CRBO) into biodiesel and to evaluate whether the biodiesel obtained meets the biodiesel quality standards prescribed by ASTM D 6751-07b. CRBO was subjected to a two-step transesterification process using HCl and NaOH as acid and base catalyst respectively with a 15% v/v of methanol to oil ratio. This process ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • Mid-infrared analysis of biodiesel

    The biodiesel industry is growing rapidly. and so is the need for analysis 10 ensure quality product and keep biodiesel in good standing. Biodiesellhat has residual glycerin, glycer· ides, or inorganic salts from the production process can cause problems such as Iilter plugging and injector coking in a diesel engine. The biodiesel blend ralio also can affect cold weather performance, lax ...

    By Spectro Scientific

  • Biodiesel Analysis With Portable Midinfrared Analyzers

    Biodiesel sales in the U.S. increased from 75 million gallons in 2005 to 250 million gallons in 2006. As ol September 2007, 165 companies arc producing biodiesel and 85 plants are under construction- Along with this rapid growth in production is the iuviI to ensure quality product* Methods fur specifications offinished biodiesel fuels include ASTM D 6751, ON 14214, and DIN 51606. The rest ...

    By Spectro Scientific

  • Meeting the Challenges of Biodiesel Blend Measurements with Portable Mid-Infrared Analyzers - Case study

    In a published paper on biodiesel blend quality submitted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory1, the chief problem found with biodiesel blends was inaccurate blend ratios. Retail customers and fleet managers do not typically worry about whether the blend ratio is correct until a problem occurs. For fleet managers, an incorrect blend can mean a total shutdown of operations. On the ...

    By Spectro Scientific

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