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Knowledge management for a new nuclear power infrastructure

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The introduction of a nuclear power programme as a part of national energy strategy requires a complex consideration of many aspects of national infrastructure. Countries embarking on a new nuclear energy programme have the opportunity to establish effective knowledge management systems and processes from the outset, with the added benefit of readily available hard and software systems designed for the purpose. Properly applied KM improves organisational efficiency and productivity through reducing process times, introducing technology to assist finding relevant information, and instituting techniques to remedy poor quality outputs. The effective management of nuclear knowledge includes ensuring the continued availability of qualified workforce. The paper is based on the IAEA activities in the subject area and provides reasons for establishing knowledge management system as a part of new nuclear power programmes.

Keywords: nuclear knowledge management, national infrastructure, national energy strategy, nuclear power plants, NPP, human resource development, HRD, nuclear education, IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency

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