LaCygne - GSG™ Graduated Straightening Grid Performance

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Courtesy of Fuel Tech, Inc.

KCP&L’s LaCygne Generating Station provides 1,532 MW of peak power to customers from the site south of Kansas City. LaCygne Unit 1 is an 815 MW B&W cyclone boiler with Over-Fire Air (OFA) and SCR NOx controls, and the second oldest WFGD installation in the country. LaCygne Unit 2 is a 717 MW B&W PC boiler with Low NOx Burners (LNB), OFA, and ESP particulate control. LaCygne1 burns a blend of 90% PRB and 10% local Missouri coal. Modifications are under way on both units to reduce emissions. LaCygne1 is installing a Fabric Filter, new WFGD,new ID Fans, and new DCS system. LaCygne2 is retiring th ESP and installing a fabric filter, WFGD, new ID Fans, and SCR systems.

Poor airflow around LaCygne's SCR was causing heavy fly ash accumulation and pluggage. Flow modeling and the redesign of the SCR hood led to dramatic improvements to performance conditions while reducing maintenance costs.  This case study outlines the significant operational and performance impovements demonstrated by the use of Fuel Tech's GSG™ Graduated Straightening Grid technology.

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