Landfill waste gas abatement - Case study


Courtesy of Catalytic Products International (CPI)

For over 43 years Catalytic Products International has designed and manufactured specialized oxidation systems for use in controlling process-related VOC emissions.

The QUADRANT-NRV Series Thermal Oxidation System is designed for use with the low-volume/high-BTU waste gas stream emitted from many landfill gas purification processes. As we utilize our Venturi Burner Package to process the waste gas directly through the burner, we are able to reduce the size, and thus cost, of the oxidation system. In addition, the high-velocity burner array and turbulating baffles downstream of the burner provide a Destruction Rate Efficiency in excess of 99.9%!

When compared to a flare, the QUDRANT-NRV System offers benefits such as reduced operating costs and a DRE that may allow for easier permitting.

Our typical landfill oxidation system is skid-mounted, and includes PLC-based controls in listed enclosure, booster fan with VFD, gas train, full instrumentation, and exhaust stack.

We look forward to reviewing your particular Landfill Methane Waste Gas requirements.

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