Large elements for CHP on a trip through Helsingør`s streets


Courtesy of GCER

A 27 meter long condenser was the largest of the many steel and glass fiber elements that were transported from the state port to the construction site on the outskirts of the city.

The renewal of Helsingør Kraftvarmeværk really put its mark on Helsingør's streets yesterday Thursday and night to Friday. Large items of a total of 100 tonnes for the cleaning of the flue gas on the upcoming cogeneration had arrived by ship from Tunisia and were carefully transported from the state harbor to Trækbanen and through Kongevejen to the roundabout at Støberivej and on to the construction site at Energivej.

The transports went according to plan and with the least disturbance of traffic in the city. It was no easy task, because parts of the elements were so large that both roads were in use - and before that the necessary permits were obtained from the road authorities.

'Fortunately, the operation went exactly as it should. This was due in particular to good preparation from the transport company. The elements were unloaded from ship to block car and transported in snails up through the city and towards Energivej - after the plan over several laps. The large steel and fiberglass elements are now ready for construction site and will be lifted in the next 6 weeks so we keep the schedule. The building must be completed so that customers can deliver climate-friendly electricity and heat from 2019, 'says Claus Bo Frederiksen, Planning and Project Manager in Supply Helsingør.

An escort of auxiliary vehicles was included, and the same was Forsyning Helsingør's electric guard on the largest of the transports. For perhaps street or traffic lights should be lifted or removed on the road to accommodate transportation.

The largest of the transports was a 27 meter long, 6 meter high and 6 meter wide condenser to be used to extract heat from the flue gas to the district heating system, thus increasing the overall efficiency of the plant. It was transported through the city at the end of the night, so only a few road users were disturbed. The many elements for the smoke limitation come from the French company LAB.

The renewal of Helsingør Kraftvarmeværk is proceeding according to plan and will help to ensure future supply of climate-friendly electricity and district heating for two decades. The renewed work is based on sustainable wood chips as fuel instead of natural gas. The work is jointly owned by Forsyning Helsingør and Norfors.

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