Lighting - premier foods, Greenford, Middlesex - case study


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Upgrade your lighting facilities and save money at the same time:

  • Up to 50% energy savings
  • Remote diagnostics and reporting
  • Diminished carbon footprint

ENER-G's flexible approach to lighting ensures state-of-the-art technology is combined with technical expertise and ongoing project support to deliver a bespoke solution to suit your working environment.

Guaranteed savings
Our innovative lighting systems come with a guaranteed savings promise, providing you with a risk free solution which can be applied in schools, hospitals, offices and warehouses

Our systems come with either a complete T5 luminaire or a T5 adaptor, providing high efficiency operation, longer life and slimmer tubes. The T5 adaptor will secure up to 50% savings with the full luminaire option providing further savings if linked into a control system.

ENER-G have also partnered with Metrolight, a world leader in High Intensity Discharge (HID! digital ballasts, to provide eHID technology through integrating the ballasts with high quality UK manufactured luminaires.

ENER-G solutions use high-frequency digital ballasts that dim to meet very specific lighting requirements, schedules and control demands to further increase energy savings. The ballasts can be dimmed with analogue controllers or digital two-way communication using readily available control software, to enable increased HID lamp efficiency, improved performance and extended lamp life.

All of ENER-G's available lighting solutions benefit from high efficiency control gear, dimmable ballasts and flexible zoning providing significant energy and maintenance savings and an excellent return on investment.

Case Study - Premier Fddds
Premier Foods is the UK's largest food producer, creating some of the UK's most popular brands including Hovis, Cadbury and Batchelors.

Cost reduction and carbon savings are of the utmost importance to the company.

Initially ENER-G carried out a detailed site survey at 14 Premier Foods sites and issued an energy savings proposal with guaranteed savings for each site. The Greenford site (pictured) was identified as a priority, due to the warehouse's existing lighting system providing particularly poor light. This had produced poor working conditions and ongoing cost implications.

Having examined the options, the old HID lighting was replaced by a new fluorescent lighting system with impressive results in both the lighting effect and the energy savings.

Installation was arranged to ensure the minimum logistical disruption and specific measures were taken to prevent product contamination.

The new system will produce an estimated 30% savings on lighting costs in the warehouse. It operates continuously, but uses a projected 64.612 kWh/year less in energy then the replaced system. This will result in a financial savings of some £5,833/year and environmental savings of 37 tonnes CO2/year. Financial savings will increase further with expected tariff rises in the future.

About ENER-G
ENER-G develops, delivers and finances sustainable energy solutions and technologies on a business to business basis world wide. We deliver a 'one-stop-shop' for all commercial and industrial energy requirements, from combined heat and power (CHP), renewable electricity generation from biogas, source heat pumps systems, efficient lighting, controls, metering and data solutions and energy from waste.

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