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Lister housing cooperative - condensing boiler case study


Courtesy of Vortex Energy Saver

  • Customer: Lister Housing Cooperative
  • Location: Lauriston Place, Edinburgh
  • Heating System: New Vaillant Condensing System Boiler
  • Installed: 02/09

The property is a two bedroom flat in a Georgian terrace with high ceilings and hard to heat. Before hand the flat was not heated properly even after installation of a new boiler.

Vortex was fitted and within 20 minutes of re-commissioning the boiler temperature was reduced by 10◦C. Since then the boiler has been turned down from 65◦C to 60◦C.

Another important aspect of this test relates to fuel poverty. On the day before the installation of Vortex a child of six was lying on a couch covered in a blanket and was feeling poorly. After Vortex was installed and within 30 minutes of the boiler being refired she was up playing with her toys.

Lister Housing are so pleased with the performance of Vortex that they have advised us that they will be fitting Vortex with all replacement boilers commencing early next year.

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