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Lister housing cooperative - non condensing boiler case study


Courtesy of Vortex Energy Saver

  • Customer: Lister Housing Cooperative
  • Location: Lauriston Place, Edinburgh
  • Heating System: Potterton Suprima 24KW Non Condensing Boilerinstalled in 1991.
  • Installed: 02/09

Lister Housing Association carried out a trial on Vortex. The property is a 6 bed 3 storey Georgian terrace with high ceilings and hard to heat. The existing boiler was an old non condensing boiler and before fitting of Vortex the gas bills were excessive and 2 of the radiators were not heating.

After the installation of Vortex and re-commissioning, within 20 minutes the boiler setting was reduced by 20%. Since then the setting has been reduced further and the non performing radiators are now heating at the same temperature as the rest.

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