Magnetite ore dressing plant energy-saving and consumption reducing method

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1. Adopt super fine crushing equipment and optimize crushing process system

Such companies like Henan Bailing manufacturing cone crusher, can make the final crushed product size on average to reduce 5 ~ 8 mm, which created the advantage condition for improving the grinding efficiency and grinding capacity per capita. While because the import cone crusher is expensive, thus make most of the ore plant daunting. At present China produced high efficiency cone crusher also highlight its advantage, due to its relative cheap price, which get widely application in many large and medium-sized mill plant. High efficiency and energy saving equipment not only itself has a low power consumption, and because of its product particle size small, deeper role lies in the influence on crushing process.Such as reducing the number of segments, simplifying the closed to open, can reduce the amount of equipment, save construction investment, reducing operating costs.


2. Crushing more and grinding less, reducing the grinding ore particle size

Crushing and grinding are two stages of breaking operation, broken products enter into the grinding operation. Extrusion of the material crushing by crushing equipment and impact;While grinding by centrifugal force, friction force, make the ore constantly hit, squeezing, cutting and grinding and crushing.Within the scope of conventional crushing energy particle size decreases the rate of change is very small, and within the scope of grinding particle size decreases rapidly increasing energy, broken is lower than the grinding energy consumption is generally accepted concept of mineral processing industry.So try to reduce the breakage of the final product particle size (i.e., grinding ore), referred to as a 'more break less grinding'.This principle has been adopted by most of the mill plant, the design of the new mill plant generally shall be fully considered and old factory technical renovation and grinding to reduce particle size as one of the main content.Now, medium and large mill plant into the grinding granularity control under 15 mm, lower into the grinding particle size of the effect of saving energy and reducing consumption is significant.

However, the ore dressing plant with the ball mill biggest particle size that less than 10 mm is not much, it is mainly because the traditional finely equipment determines the performance of the product and finely.If not properly reduce the product particle size, can reduce the crushing capacity, and accelerate crusher wear and damage.So narrowed into the grinding particle size, must choose new fine grinding equipment.

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